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Developer Program


Dedicated technical support

Access live support channels with Kadena's core developers and Pact smart contract authors.

10,000 free transactions

Get gas station funding to cover transaction fees and streamline user onboarding.

dApp launch marketing

Leverage Kadena's brand, community, and network to amplify awareness of your project.

Gain the full support of Kadena while you build

Kadena's Developer Program is designed to help committed developers build high-impact applications. Join the program so we can help clear obstacles and provide resources to get your dApp to be the best.

Apply today!

Contact Jeffrey on Discord (Jef_f#2495) or Telegram (@SpaceJeff) to start your enrollment.


Who can enroll in this program?

The program is for developers who intend to launch applications on Kadena. It is open to professional developers and organizations, as well as enthusiast developers and students.

When will my enrollment become activated?

Kadena will respond to your enrollment request within a week of submission. Anticipate receiving an email to the address provided in the request form.

Does Kadena endorse any specific development areas or use cases?

Kadena supports all innovation around its network and will review applications of any kind. Application areas showing promise include DeFi, stablecoins, lending, multi-party transaction management, and record tracking. Tooling areas of interest include IDEs, editor extensions, GUI for command line, and monitoring traffic statistics.

What level of technical support will program participants receive?

Participation will reflect a player and coach relationship. As the player, you are responsible for execution of your idea. As the coach, Kadena subject matter experts will provide the guidance you need to build a functional and safe application. We may strategize with you on various approaches, suggest best practices, review code, and share helpful resources along the way.

What level of marketing support will program participants receive?

Your success is our success and we want to celebrate that. Program participants that successfully deliver an application or community tool have the opportunity to be featured in Kadena newsletters, press articles, and/or social channels.

There is no strict limit to the level of engagement between program participants and Kadena. The more you bring, the more you will receive. Let’s build together!