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Kadena: The Next Generation Blockchain

JANUARY 2018 ROUND UP — Kadena has a lot of exciting news and updates about our company, its technology, and what’s on the horizon. We want to thank you all so much for your incredible enthusiasm and support! Here’s what’s gone down in the past few months:

Kadena raises $2.25M in first funding round

Kadena co-founders Will Martino and Stuart Popejoy announced that we raised $2.25M in our pre-A financing round. Major investors in the private-placement SAFT round included Metastable, Kilowatt Capital, Coinfund, and Multicoin Capital. Check out the CoinDesk article that launched a frenzy of interest and read our press release.

When’s the next round?

Soon™!* We’re so overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and excitement! For next round, we’re looking to work with firms and individuals that can help us with growing our community with international connections, telegram, or other network-building value adds. We believe that Kadena is the next generation of blockchain platform for scalable applications and getting adoption for that platform is going to be central to our growth.

(UPDATE 3/8/18: We are busy closing our current strategic SAFT round. We welcome interested accredited investors to our next round in May!)

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On Chainweb: Kadena’s public blockchain protocol, announced at Stanford BPASE ‘18

We were proud to once again be invited to Stanford University’s Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering (BPASE) Conference 2018, where we announced Kadena Public: our massively-parallelized public blockchain platform.

Check out: the Youtube video of Will’s talk (with slide deck) explaining Chainweb’s features.

Papers, Please!

Missed one of our latest white papers? You can find them here:

In Other News: Supporting Women in Blockchain

Our lead engineer, Monica Quaintance, has been all over the country promoting inclusion and gender equality in the industry. Check her out:

Kadena is also proud to have sponsored the inaugural networking event of Women in Consensus, at the Woman’s Club of Palo Alto, on Friday, January 26 in collaboration with BPASE ’18. More than a hundred of you came out to show your support. We can’t thank you enough!

We’re Hiring!

Those interested should send their resume or CV to We’re on the lookout for:

  • Haskell developers: as a proud all-Haskell shop, we’re always seeking talented Haskellers to join our team, building our platform and smart-contract language. We’re also happy to meet F#/Scala/OCaml devs (who either dream in Haskell or are down with broadening their horizons) with relevant experience in distributed systems or language design.

  • Front-end developers (Vue/React; UI/UX): work with us to build dashboards to visualize and manage our 1000-chain Chainweb public blockchain network & administer our enterprise blockchain deployments. Also, our website always needs help; the main focus will be internal greenfield dashboards and visualizations for our various networks.

Yours truly,

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