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Kadena Roadmap for Q1-Q2 2020
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Kadena Roadmap for Q1-Q2 2020

Kadena Roadmap for Q1-Q2 2020

Kadena has successfully launched the first sharded layer-1 PoW public blockchain.

Since the launch in January, the team has been concentrating on the growth and stability of the public network. At the end of March, the Kadena public blockchain grew to a hash rate above 100 Terahashes per second (that’s 100 trillion hashes), completed over 75,000 successful token transfers, and mined more than 4 million blocks.

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For the second quarter of 2020, we’re looking forward to sharing updates on our collaboration projects with other leading next-generation networks Cosmos and Polkadot. Kadena is currently on track to complete Kadenamint, the integration of our wallet+IDE Chainweaver and the Pact smart contract language with the Cosmos ecosystem. Listing the KDA token on a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange is also a target for Q2. In addition, we’re releasing a simple demo app to showcase the utility of Kadena’s hybrid blockchain platform. Finally, we’re making updates to the Kadena Block Explorer so that users can look up specific transactions and receive confirmation of coin transfers.

Like many projects, the Kadena team has a decentralized structure to facilitate remote work, which allows us to keep advancing our technology during the current pandemic. We hope you are staying safe. We’re glad to collaborate with organizations seeking to address COVID-19 using blockchain. To contact us, send a message on Discord (link at bottom).

Thank you to the community, including miners and partners, for engaging with our team on Discord to provide ideas for improving the ecosystem.

To learn more about Kadena’s developments and progress updates, contact our team on Discord or subscribe to our newsletter.