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Kadena Roadmap for Q3 2020
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Kadena Roadmap for Q3 2020

Following the first official listing of the KDA token on Bittrex Global, Kadena is sharing our Q3 roadmap below. Already in July, Head of Research and Networks Monica Quaintance participated in a live AMA on Chainlink’s YouTube channel, where she provided an update on the collaboration between the two teams. Monica explained how the projects add value to one another by saying, “Kadena is like a giant brain, and having Chainlink oracles is basically like giving your brain sensory input.” On testnet, Kadena has scaled from 10 to 20 chains.

For reference, here is an updated version of Kadena’s roadmap for the first half of this year. While we moved an update on the Polkadot collaboration to Q3 (they have understandably been busy with their recent launch), the Kadena team achieved all of our other milestones on time.

Click here to visit Kadena’s timeline from founding in 2016 through Q1 of 2019.

Click here to visit Kadena’s timeline from Q2 through Q4 of 2019.

During the third quarter of 2020, there will be a significant advancement in Kadena’s blockchain technology as we scale the sharded layer-1 blockchain from 10 to 20 chains in production (mainnet). We look forward to announcing a new DeFi partnership in addition to providing updates on our current collaborations with Polkadot and USCF. Community efforts will continue receiving investment as we explore multiple simultaneous algorithms for miners and introduce a developer engagement program. The developer program will enhance the ease of onboarding to build on our blockchain platform using the Turing-incomplete Pact smart contract language.

By the close of Q3, Kadena will complete implementation with the Rosetta protocol launched by Coinbase. We believe that Kadena will be the first sharded multichain network to fully integrate with the API, which has been designed to standardize the process of bringing a blockchain project’s data to Coinbase and other exchanges.

Thank you to our community members for all of the comments, questions, and suggestions, including the feedback shared during Discord and Telegram AMAs.

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