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Kadena Roadmap for Q4 2020
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Kadena Roadmap for Q4 2020

As announced last month, creating the multi-protocol Kadenaswap DEX is the primary focus for Kadena’s blockchain engineers for the rest of the year and going forward through 2021. Of course, the team will also be working on additional efforts to benefit the ecosystem and community. Some of the activities we’ve already completed in October include Co-founder and CEO Will Martino speaking at LA Blockchain Summit and the Zel project partnering with us for node incentivization on the Flux platform. In addition, Kadena’s sharded and scalable layer-1 blockchain has crossed the milestones of having a 1 million block height along with 11 million blocks mined.

As shown here, the Kadena team continues to strengthen our industry reputation for delivering on time and as promised.

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Click here to visit Kadena’s timeline from Q1 through Q2 of 2020.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, we will announce a new DeFi partnership for Kadenaswap. The new partner will add further value to the DEX, which will support multiple protocols such as Ethereum, Celo, Maker, Polkadot, Cosmos, Chainlink, and Bitcoin. Building upon the developer program that formally kicked off last quarter, Kadena will offer a grant program to application developers and share an update on a KDA ASIC that will be available to miners for purchase.

Before the end of the year, Kadenaswap and decentralized bridges will get launched in testnet. Alongside the technical achievement, Kadena plans to provide an update on our ongoing exploration of a KDAX governance token. We welcome your input on both Kadenaswap and KDAX as we are motivated to contribute to DeFi in meaningful ways.

Thank you to the Kadena community for your constructive comments, questions, and suggestions, including the feedback shared during our regular Discord and Telegram AMAs.

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