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Chain Relay App: Testnet Tournament

With the testnet launch of Kadena’s Chain Relay App, we’re kicking off a Testnet Tournament to see who can redeem the most testnet KDA (tKDA) from running the relay app! With the potential to earn over 10,000 KDA, read this quick article on the objectives and rules of this tournament to increase your chances of earning the most KDA!

Quick summary of the tournament
Quick summary of the tournament


Participants must compete to **accumulate the most relay fees **for their testnet KDA (tKDA) account(s).


Participants with the most fees win, with potential rewards of over 10,000 KDA! The more tKDA you accumulate over your competitors, the higher your reward will be!

Contest Duration

The contest will be held for 14 days, starting on August 25, 2021, till September 8, 2021.

Bond Parameters

Here is a list of parameters for the testnet bonds:

  • Bond Amount: 20 tKDA

  • Lockup: 10 days

  • Daily Risk Fee Percentage: **50% **(100 tKDA for the lockup period)

  • Activity Fee: 40 tKDA per endorsement

  • Minimum Activity: **10 **(minimum to earn risk fee AND tournament rewards)

  • Total reward pool: 15,000 KDA

  • Endorser minimum: 10

  • Confirmation: 0.5


1. Bonds must be created, and all tKDA rewards collected, during the test period.

  • This ****means that only 1 period of 10 days will apply and participants must renew in the 14 day period.

2. tKDA accounts that fund bonds must have the same account ID as an active KDA account in mainnet to receive rewards.

  • Thus if you create testnet tKDA bonds from a Zelcore-created account, you must also have that same Zelcore account ID in mainnet, which will receive the rewards. We recommend creating dedicated mainnet and testnet accounts for the purposes of the tournament.

3. All participants that achieve the activity minimum will receive a minimum reward.

  • For up to 10 participants, the minimum reward is the minimum activity + risk fee: 500 KDA.

  • For greater than 10 participants, a pool of 5000 KDA will be divided by the participant count, thus with 15 participants, the minimum reward will be 333.33 KDA.

4. Leaders earn up to the remaining pool (total pool — minimum rewards) divided by their percentage lead over minimum earnings.

  • Thus if 2 leading participants tied with 14 activity/day, while 8 others did the minimum, they would each win 5,500 KDA while the other participants would win 500 KDA.

  • However if the 2 leading participants only did 4 activity/day, their reward would be their actual tKDA earnings of 1,700.

  • The maximum individual reward with full participation is 10,500 KDA.

  • Maximum total payouts will not exceed 15,000 KDA.

5. Participants may not modify the relay app software in any way.

  • If the record on the blockchain shows that a participant altered the relay app software, for instance, to propose headers sooner than the time determined by the software, they will not be eligible for rewards in KDA.

6. Participants must install and use the latest release of the relay app.

  • If this effort results in critical bug fixes, it is important that participants use the latest release to ensure we’re testing the software for production use.

7. Participants not meeting the minimum activity requirement will not be rewarded.

  • Thus if a participant only endorses 9 times, this will not meet the minimum activity of 10 endorsements over the period, not receive the risk fee in tKDA, and will not be eligible for any reward in KDA.

Now that you’ve read through the objective and rules, you can begin running your testnet chain relay app using the instructions in the following blog post. Join our **#chain-relay **channel on our Discord server to ask any questions about running the relay app or the competition!