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Kadena Ambassador Program Launch

Kadena is establishing its first-ever Ambassador Program to empower the community to spread awareness and educate a wider audience about the potential of Kadena’s blockchain technology. In order to drive the adoption of Kadena’s Public Blockchain, the Ambassador Program will seek to accomplish several tasks:

  • Incentivize community members to create informative collateral
  • Strengthen activity on our social media channels with active moderators
  • Encourage the creation of community channels to lead organic community growth

There are currently three pillars of the Ambassador Program: Content Creators, Moderators, and Community Channel Leaders. Each one of these pillars is essential in continuing to establish Kadena’s brand and presence in the crypto community.

Content Creators

Content Creators are one of the most crucial pillars of this program since they have the ability to draw in new members to our community. Community members who can create content, such as blogs, articles, graphic designs, podcasts, videos, or tutorials, should apply to be a content creator. There are two possible positions one can apply for: Contributor or Ambassador Content Creator.

Contributors are community members who have one-off ideas for content that they want to create. This role is created for those who have 1–2 pieces of content that they want to publish and want an easier process without the need to sign an Ambassador agreement. However, what differentiates Contributors from Ambassador Content Creators is that Ambassador Content Creators receive more awards for creating content.

To become an Ambassador Content Creator, you must submit 2–3 contents you have published in the past, Kadena related or not, as a way to see the quality of your previous content. In addition, Ambassador Content Creators are able to participate in discussions with team members regarding the project’s direction, via a dedicated Ambassador channel and group calls.

Once approved to be a Contributor or Ambassador Content Creator, you’ll send topics/type of content that you want to create and have it be accepted by Kadena. After you have completed your content and have it fact checked by us, we will send you the KDA net 30 days of receipt. Depending on the quality of your work and your position, you can receive rewards from $15 USD to $300 USD, paid in KDA. You can find more details about the rubric for rewards on our website here. For a list of content ideas, we have a Content Quest Board with content suggested by the community here.

At the time of the launch of the Ambassador Program, we will be limiting the number of Ambassador Content Creators to 10.


Moderators are important in making Kadena’s social channels a welcoming environment for new community members. While content creators are tasked with creating content to draw in new members, Moderators play a crucial role in providing up-to-date resources to new members. Moderators receive rewards for moderating our social channels for $75 USD per month in KDA. The decision to vote and choose new Moderators is determined by community members.

Community Channel Leaders

Community channels are vital in facilitating discussions that are more niche than in our own official channels. Whether these channels are used to discuss ways to bring awareness to the crypto community or discuss Kadena in another language, Kadena is determined to help foster organic community growth. There will be two aspects of a community channel that we’ll support: the Community Leaders and community events.

Community Leaders act similar to Moderators in our official channel in that they are necessary for creating a welcoming environment for community members to join into. When applying to be a Community Leader, you must give a brief description of the community channel you want to create and explain how the channel would be beneficial for spreading Kadena’s brand. In addition, Community Leaders can create rules more or less strict than in our official channels. However, Community Leaders must ensure that there is no misinformation being spread and uphold Kadena’s brand and Code of Conduct.

Kadena recognizes that community events are crucial in bringing members together to help spread Kadena’s brand. One example of a community-led event was a community Twitter contest to see who can tweet and retweet the most. This brought the community together to drive Kadena’s brand on a social media platform. To encourage similar community events, we plan on funding community-led events that seek to promote Kadena’s awareness.

At the time of the launch of the Ambassador Program, we will be limiting the number of community channels to 5.

Ambassador Privileges

As community members who promote the best of Kadena, you get privileges such as:

  • Token grants for contributions
  • Exclusive Ambassador role on our Discord Server and Telegram Channel
  • Dedicated invite-only Ambassador Channel on our Discord and Telegram
  • Gain behind-the-scene access to the project’s roadmap
  • More involvement in the project’s decision-making process by providing direct feedback to core team members

As we move into 2021 community is central to Kadena’s vision to shape the future of blockchain, and the community has stepped up. As Kadena pushed announcements on our social media platforms, members of our community were quick to engage, amplify, and share. In turn, this naturally led to significant growth in our community, in a virtuous cycle we want to turbocharge. With the launch of the Ambassador Program, we want to expand and accelerate community growth by empowering community members to create content, guide new members in our community, and lead community channels. By working together with the community through collaborative endeavors, we can show the wider crypto space the potential of our blockchain platform and usher in a new era of limitless scalability, security, and decentralization.