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Kadena Roadmap for Q1 2021
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Kadena Roadmap for Q1 2021

Moving forward in 2021, the team is tracking dramatic shifts in the crypto markets, providing us with helpful data for (re)focusing. We believe that economic infrastructure adds the most value to Kadena at this time. Looking at the year ahead, major initiatives include the full launch of the Kadenaswap DEX alongside decentralized bridges to Ethereum and wrapped KDA. We’ll also continue working towards additional exchange listings and community-led efforts (DAOs).

With your support, Kadena reached major milestones in 2020.

The Kadena project continues to further its credibility for superior execution.

Kadena Q4 2020 roadmap with completed milestones
Kadena Q4 2020 roadmap with completed milestones

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Kadena Q1 2021 roadmap
Kadena Q1 2021 roadmap

As previously shared with the community, we’re starting off the year with the launch of Kadenaswap “Bountyswap” on mainnet. Mainnet functionality will include wallet connection and token swaps as well as pool liquidity and statistics. The swapping and pooling of cryptocurrency token pairs is enabled in a familiar AMM-style DEX. Bountyswap will have pre-funded pools using a KDA-linked “KPenny” token with overall funding up to 100,000 KDA. This provides a bounty for “white-hat hacking” to find vulnerabilities in the new DEX, as any funds received through an exploit can be kept at the end of the Bountyswap program.

Economic infrastructure development has already begun with support for Ethereum bridge proofs

included in Chainweb 2.4. Upcoming milestones for the first quarter include launching an Ethereum bridge relay program, integrating a ZelCore DEX with Kadenaswap, and releasing an Ethereum bridge. An Ethereum bridge allows for wrapped KDA, compatible with any Ethereum-based protocol, to become available by the end of the quarter.

After speaking with investors, miners, and other community members, the team is currently working on publishing a new token economics document in addition to modifying the platform emissions structure. We believe the updates will make our token economics easier to understand and demonstrate how the incentives are aligned among all Kadena platform participants.

We appreciate constructive comments, questions, and suggestions about Kadena. Outside of Medium, you are invited to engage with team members on Discord and Telegram.