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Anastasia Bez: Kadena’s New Chief Operating Officer

Kadena is extremely pleased to announce that Anastasia Bez has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Kadena. Anastasia was previously the Director of Operations and has been with Kadena since 2018. Before joining Kadena, Anastasia conducted research with the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, where she also organized initiatives on geopolitics, cyber security, and foreign and domestic policy. While Director of Operations, Anastasia saw Kadena through a critical period as it made it past mainnet launch into the first phase of true adoption. She is part of the core Marmalade team, supporting Kadena’s innovative NFT standard, and is a recognized thought leader surrounding creator-focused initiatives in the NFT and web3 space.

In regard to Anastasia’s promotion, Kadena’s CEO, Stuart Popejoy, states,

“This is a huge step for the organization and for Anastasia as well, as the first officer-level internal promotion since Kadena was founded in 2016. Anastasia joined in 2018 as an administrative assistant, so this is beyond impressive — but it is also the right step for Kadena to scale and grow as she has well-demonstrated that she’s the leader to help us move forward.”

In addition to taking on the COO role, Anastasia joins Kadena Eco’s Strategic Advisory Board, providing valuable operations experience and NFT creator focus to help Kadena Eco’s mission towards ecosystem hypergrowth and massive adoption.

Anastasia states with respect to her new roles at Kadena,

“Helping build and grow Kadena from an early stage, through mainnet, to present has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I am looking forward to scaling and pushing the project to the next level as COO.”

The entire Kadena team is thrilled for Anastasia and is looking forward to the growth of Kadena with her expertise and leadership skills!


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