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The Current State of Marmalade
3 minutes read

The Current State of Marmalade

Marmalade is the new Kadena standard for NFTs, addressing long-standing concerns plaguing NFT markets today, like the inability to enforce requirements (i.e., royalties) on the sale of an NFT. We’d like to update our incredible community of builders on Marmalade and our roadmap for the future.

In March, we released Marmalade as a beta version as a soft launch, to allow builders currently working on Marmalade to push their front-end to mainnet. The current infrastructure is launched in a limited capacity, with smart contracts deployed on chain 8 in mainnet and chain 1 in testnet. Our aim is to solicit feedback from the community and encourage builders to continue iterating on our infrastructure. We welcome any and all feedback and are very happy with the feedback we have gotten so far! Once the community has had a chance to work with the beta and we continue to build more improvements, we will expand to Multichain.

In February, we also released a POC UI on testnet, which was intended primarily as technical inspiration for what’s possible on the front-end for Marmalade. However, Kadena is not planning to build an NFT marketplace on Marmalade — that’s what our powerful community is for! Our core focus is to provide the community with the best toolset possible to enable and empower others to build upon our current infrastructure. We will continue iterating on the standards, protocols, tooling, and tech documentation to support builders in their own development efforts these upcoming months.

There were also some questions from the community about the status of DIDs. This is on hold for the current beta, as identifiers are now being unified with Pact Principals. Manifests currently offer the ability to include rich content with iterative hashing for integrity, including DID URIs.

We really appreciate all of the excitement around Marmalade! In the upcoming months, we intend to communicate a full product roadmap that will share our focus area for the remainder of the year. If you’re interested in building on Marmalade, we are available on Discord and Telegram to answer your Marmalade questions and provide infrastructure support.

If you want to know more, the latest KIP-0013 (Kadena Improvement Proposal-0013) can be found here.