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Authentication overview

Kadena SpireKey leverages web authentication (WebAuthn) standards to provide a secure backend that enables end users to securely generate and store key pairs directly on their hardware devices. Users can then authenticate by accessing their stored keys through Touch ID, Face ID, QR codes, or other password-free methods. By ensuring the private key is stored securely on the user's hardware device and eliminating the need for password storage, Kadena SpireKey provides a more secure way to access account information, connect to applications, and sign transactions with a familiar user experience similar to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

In addition to simplifying key pair generation and authentication, Kadena SpireKey provides flexible options for users to manage their account information, add devices, adjust their authentication requirements, and switch between applications without being tied to any specific wallet.

By decoupling account management and transaction signing from application services, Kadena SpireKey can reduce the functional and operational complexity involved in interacting with the blockchain while offering users more security and privacy.