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Apply your knowledge to build a brand new dApp

What you’ve accomplished

  1. Created and funded an account
  2. Performed multiple transactions
  3. Interacted with Mainnet and Testnet
  4. Used a gas station and signing API
  5. Used Block Explorer and Chainweaver

What’s Next?

You are now familiar with the core concepts and tools for developing powerful and user-friendly applications with Kadena. Take your learning to the next level with any of these paths:

Follow a guided template to create a complete dApp with a React frontend.

Learn Pact, Kadena’s human-readable smart contract language.

Deepen your understanding of Pact and the Kadena ecosystem by following the Real World Pact core concepts guide and tutorial series, building from a testnet faucet to a DeFi lending platform.

Already have a dApp idea? Apply to our Developer Program to get technical and marketing support from Kadena.