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Pacty Parrots

Play the “Pacty Parrots” game to see how dApps and wallets interact.

What you will accomplish

  • Sign a transaction
  • See how dApps interact with wallets
  • Win some coins! (Maybe)

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Make sure Chainweaver is still open on your computer

  2. Skim through the game rules and then enter the account name you recently created

  3. Select “Start new round” to begin the game

  4. When Chainweaver pops up you will be prompted with a signing request which has 3 parts:

    • Configuration: View transaction info and adjust settings if desired
    • Sign: Select your public key in each of the 3 “Grant Capabilities” fields
    • Preview: You should see a Raw Response of “Write succeeded!” and if so select “Submit”
  5. Watch the parrots dance and wait for your result

  6. Choose to “Spin again” or “Cash out” which will prompt another transaction to sign via Chainweaver

Key Takeaways

For developers and end users, navigating wallet-dApp interaction can be a challenging experience. For example, developing with Ethereum requires wallets and dApps to integrate intricate web3.js code in order to perform necessary signing operations.

Kadena simplifies this interaction with a signing API. There is no need to embed a web browser or to store private keys in a browser plug-in.

As a developer on Kadena, when your dApp needs to send a signed transaction, simply make an AJAX request to the signing API on localhost port 9467. Then the user's wallet will handle the details of transaction signing.

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