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Communnity Channel Leader

Community channels serve as a home for community members to discuss niche topics about Kadena or share news about Kadena not otherwise discussed in the main channel. To foster community growth on a more organic level, Kadena plans to help fund community channels by token awards to Community Channel Leaders who create the group and the community events.


  • Member of Telegram or Discord for at least three months
  • Must be active on Kadena’s social channels
  • Community channel must be new and important in growing Kadena's brand

Basic Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize and promote this new channel.
  • Welcome new members to the community and ensure knowledge is kept up to date
  • Actively engage with community members to develop new uses case and projects related to the Kadena platform or KDA.
  • Moderate your community social channel for any fear, uncertainty, and doubt
  • Follow and enforce Kadena's Code of Conduct within the community
  • Refrain from posting and/or commenting language that involves speculation about Kadena’s token price


  • $75 worth of KDA per month for their community channel

  • Grants for community led events are given on an as-needed basis -- you can inquire more once you have been accepted