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Content Creator

Content Creators amplify Kadena’s brand by educating the wider community about Kadena through informative collateral whether visual or audio. Anyone who has been an active member of Kadena’s general community channel on Telegram or Discord for at least 1 month is eligible to apply as a Content Creator. Once selected by Kadena, Content Creator can submit proposed content ideas and we quickly assess it and notify you if it is acceptable. A select few individuals that send us 2 - 3 pieces they have published in the past (Kadena related or not), as examples of the content they want to create, may be selected by Kadena for Enhanced status as Content Creator. If you are selected for Enhanced status, you will receive increased compensation for your contributed content and may be more involved in the project’s decision-making process.

Basic Criteria for Assessing Content

  • Graphics, text, articles, blogs, how-to guides, audio, video and/or visual content (other ideas can be submitted on the application form) (each “KDA Content”)
  • Informs the public about the technical/social aspects of Kadena and KDA Tokens. Our Quest Board of community-submitted content ideas might be fertile grounds for the type of questions or information our community is interested in learning.
  • Must be grammatically correct and in a language approved by Kadena.
  • Prominently mentions Kadena’s brand
  • Is up-to-date and is well presented
  • Information is not duplicative of or have material overlap with existing content
  • Publicly available for free with active links on Discord and Telegram
  • *Price and trading-related content, especially speculation or over-hyping KDA or our project, is not eligible content*


If your KDA Content is approved by us for publication, you will be compensated depending on which one of the below tiers that we determine that your KDA Content falls within and whether you have Enhanced status.

Tier 1 - $300 USD for Enhanced / $150 USD for Others

  • Content takes a considerable amount of research and time to complete
  • If it is a blog post/article, it should be 800 words or more
  • More technical or detailed information than included in other tiers

Tier 2 - $150 USD for Enhanced / $75 USD for Others

  • Content takes some research, time, and accompanying graphics to complete
  • If it’s a blog post/article, it should be between 500 and 800 words

Tier 3 - $30 USD for Ambassadors / $15 USD for Contributors (Cap at 50 per month)

  • Content is easy to create/write
  • If it’s a blog post/article, it should 500 words or less

Tier S

  • Special projects that are generally more in-depth or complex than a Tier 1 contribution. Compensation will be made on a case-by-case basis and depend on the length and complexity of the content.


If you are planning to create a piece of content, you must:

  1. Submit a general description of the proposed content via this google form for approval. This allows us to do an initial screen as to whether your content meets our basic criteria. Once approved, you can start your work.
  2. After you have finished your work, you must submit a link to your content in the same google form for review by us.
  3. Once we reviewed your content for factual accuracy and approved that content, we will notify you in writing if it is accepted for publication by you including our assignment of a Tier rating.
  4. Publish your work and post links to it (if necessary).
  5. Send us a link to your published work including links to where it can be found on Telegram and Discord. Our receipt of these links will serve as your request for payment and trigger Kadena’s obligation to pay you.

If you publish content before receiving our approval, you may be eligible for compensation. Please submit the type of content, description of your content, and link to your work via the google form for approval and review. We discourage our Content Creators from publishing content before receiving our approval