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Deploy on Kadena

Deploy Chainweb nodes and Pact smart contract applications

Deploy infrastructure or smart contracts

There are two main deployment scenarios for the Kadena network:

  • Deploying and managing a node to support the decentralized network infrastructure and earn rewards.
  • Deploying Pact modules and smart contracts on a chain in the development, test, or main Kadena network.

This part of the documentation covers both scenarios and includes information for two distinct audiences:

  • Node operators and miners planning to deploy and manage Chainweb nodes.
  • Smart contract developers planning to deploy contracts on the Kadena test network or the Kadena main network.

Node operators and miners

If you plan to deploy one or more Chainweb nodes, see the following topics get started:

  • Minimum system requirements
  • Installation options

If you have previously deployed one or more Chainweb nodes and are responsible for managing ongoing node operations, see the following topics:

  • Compact a Chainweb node database
  • Monitor node health

If you want to configure a Chainweb mode to enable mining, see the following topics:

  • Mining system requirements
  • Configure the Chainweb node

Smart contract developers

If you're a smart contract developer, you have most likely tested your Pact modules and smart contracts locally using the Pact REPL and deployed them locally on the development network. Even after thorough testing on a local development environment, there are some additional steps you should take before attempting to deploy contracts on the Kadena test and main networks.

If you are preparing to deploy on the Kadena test or main network, see the following topics:

  • Prepare formal verification
  • Prepare your namespace on the target network

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