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Welcome to the Pact Developer Tutorials

Welcome to the Pact Developer Tutorials

What is Pact?

Pact is a human-readable smart contract language.

It allows anyone to write clearly, directly and safely onto a blockchain โ€” a true innovation for secure and simple smart contract development. Pact will enable you to create entirely new business models and on-chain services.

How to use the Pact Developer Tutorials

Pact Developer Tutorials offer the training needed to learn the Pact programming language. They teach skills from beginner to advanced that are designed to help you develop blockchain applications with Pact.


These free tutorials have no prerequisites. Learn whenever and however you want using the documentation and complimentary videos for each lesson.

Get Started

Start with our Beginner Tutorial Series which covers Pactโ€™s fundamental concepts, followed by real smart contract projects you can deploy to our Testnet.

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