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Kadena resources

This page provides official links to help you find information about Kadena, including where you can find whitepapers, blog pos article, press releases, and brand guidelines. For information about the Kadena team, see About Kadena on the main Kadena website.


Kadena has published several whitepapers detailing important aspects of the Chainweb protocol, the Pact smart contract language, and the Kadena public blockchain. You can download these white papers from the main Kadena website.

For more information about Chainweb, see the following resources:

For more information about Pact, see the following resources:

Note that the links to older articles or whitepapers are provided for convenience and historical context, but might contain information that is out-of-date.


To browse recent articles, see the Kadena Blog on the main Kadena site.


To view video presentations, live streamed sessions, and playlists, subscribe to the Kadena YouTube channel.

Developer program

Kadena's Developer Program is designed to help committed developers build high-impact applications for deployment on the Kadena network. The program is open to professional developers and organizations, blockchain enthusiasts, and students. The program offers:

  • Dedicated technical support with access to live support channels with Kadena core developers and Pact smart contract authors.

  • 10,000 free transactions with gas station funding to cover transaction fees and streamline user onboarding.

  • Application launch support to leverage the Kadena brand, community, and network to amplify awareness of your project.

To apply, contact Jeffrey on Discord (Jef_f#2495) or Telegram (@SpaceJeff) to start your enrollment.

Media kit

To view press releases and download branding assets, see the Media kit on the main Kadena website.

Technical grants

To view information about or apply for a technical grant, see the Kadena Grants Program on the main Kadena website.

Social media

To follow Kadena on social media, use the following official links: