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Collection Policy

Marmalade's Collection Policy is a policy designed for creators or operators to organise their tokens into a curated group, just like creating an art gallery or a collection of precious items. Imagine you have a bunch of unique tokens, each representing something special to you. With the Collection Policy, you can gather these tokens into a curated group called a "Collection."

Creating an NFT collection in this example could be seen as curating an art exhibition in a digital realm. It's a captivating process where you bring together unique creations under a single theme or concept.

in shorts these steps are as followed:

  • The Birth of the Collection: Establishing a new digital space to host unique tokens, similar to naming an art exhibition. It's as simple as calling the create-collection function and setting the parameters.
  • Crafting the Tokens: Assigning each token a unique ID and defining its rules, like ownership and transfer rights.
  • Minting - The Final Touch: Embedding the token onto the kadena blockchain, utilizing marmalade, marking its official entry into the digital world.

Technical Specifications

The Collection Policy in Marmalade v2 emphasizes ease of use. Contrasting its predecessor Marmalade v1, Marmalade v2 opts for simplicity, delegating the whitelist to a separate policy. It's crucial to highlight that this policy seamlessly implements the kip.token-policy-v2 interface.

  • Schemas: Uses collection and token schemas to store the collection and token-related narratives.
  • Tables: Utilizes the collections and tokens tables to archive data about collections and tokens.
  • Capabilities:
    • GOVERNANCE: Ensures only authorized entities can upgrade the contract.
    • COLLECTION @event: Regulates collection creation and broadcasts its inception.
    • TOKEN-COLLECTION @event: Manages token addition to collections and announces such additions.


  • create-collection: Initiates a collection by defining its name, size, and overseeing entity.
  • enforce-init: Adds tokens to the collection while abiding by the collection's set size. It also determines the entity permitted to mint the token.
  • enforce-mint: Ascertain that the minting entity has appropriate permissions.
  • create-collection-id: Retrieves a collection identifier using the collection's name.
  • get-collection: Extracts collection details using a collection ID.
  • get-token: Gleans token details, focusing on its association with a collection, via the token ID.

Capabilities Overview:

  • GOVERNANCE: Restricts authority to the marmalade-admin keyset.
  • COLLECTION: Enables the publication of the COLLECTION event.
  • OPERATOR: Grants authority to the collection's operator for specific actions.

With the Collection Policy, you have the power to showcase your creativity and share your favorite tokens in a safe and organised way.

[Quick guide: Creating a collection]: Coming soon