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Guard Policy

The Guard Policy is designed to ensure that all token-related actions - minting, burning, transferring, and buying/selling - are done securely and only by authorized parties.

The Role of Guard Policy in Digital Asset Protection:

  1. Token Creation and Initialization:

    • Envision owning a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT). When initiating your token, you apply the Guard Policy. This policy outlines specific guards or rules for different actions, from minting to transfer.
    • A typical configuration for guards looks like:
    'mint-guard': {"keys": ["mint"], "pred": "keys-all"},'burn-guard': {"keys": ["burn"], "pred": "keys-all"},'sale-guard': {"keys": ["sale"], "pred": "keys-all"},'transfer-guard': {"keys": ["transfer"], "pred": "keys-all"}
    'mint-guard': {"keys": ["mint"], "pred": "keys-all"},'burn-guard': {"keys": ["burn"], "pred": "keys-all"},'sale-guard': {"keys": ["sale"], "pred": "keys-all"},'transfer-guard': {"keys": ["transfer"], "pred": "keys-all"}
  2. Token Minting:

    • After creation, you might want to produce new tokens. The Guard Policy ensures that only those with the appropriate 'mint' key can do this.
  3. Token Burning:

    • If you wish to reduce your token's supply, only those with the 'burn' key can proceed with this action under the Guard Policy.
  4. Token Transfer:

    • When moving your token to another party, the Guard Policy verifies the transfer, ensuring only those with the 'transfer' key can execute it.
  5. Token Sale:

    • When you're ready to sell, the Guard Policy checks that only entities with the 'sale' key can complete this action. It also confirms the sale ID with the ongoing pact to guarantee only authorized sales.

While this might seem intricate, the platform simplifies the process, taking most of the weight off token owners. All you need to do is set up your guard configuration.

In essence, the Guard Policy isn't just a security tool; it's a means to ensure trust, control, and peace of mind in the digital assets realm.

Technical Specifications

Schemas and Tables:

  • Schemas: Contains guards that specify values for mint, burn, sale, and transfer.

  • Tables: The policy-guards table connects token IDs to their guard values.


  • GOVERNANCE: Governs contract upgrade access.
  • GUARDS @event: Emits guard info during enforce-init.
  • MINT: Applies the mint-guard in enforce-mint.
  • BURN: Applies the burn-guard in enforce-burn.
  • SALE: Uses the sale-guard during enforce-offer, enforce-withdraw, and enforce-buy.
  • TRANSFER: Uses the sale-guard in enforce-transfer.


  • enforce-init: Initializes the policy-guards table with token ID and guard values.
  • enforce-mint: Validates minting processes.
  • enforce-burn: Validates burning processes.
  • enforce-offer: Confirms sale offers with guards and verifies the sale-id.
  • enforce-withdraw: Checks sale withdrawals and the sale-id.
  • enforce-buy: Validates buying processes and the sale-id.
  • enforce-transfer: Validates transfers, checking sender, receiver, and amount.

In summary, the Guard policy ensures the safety and integrity of digital assets.