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Non-Fungible Policy

The Non Fungable Policy is designed to safeguard the individuality ( Ensuring Digital Uniqueness ) of digital assets, known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This policy guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness of every digital creation.

Technical Specifications


  • Purpose: Manages the creation and distinction of NFTs with a fixed supply of ONE.
  • Interface: Implements the kip.token-policy-v2 interface.
  • Actions: Handles various token-related functions like minting, burning, and transferring.

Specifications and Tables:

  • Policy functions: Set rules for different token-related tasks.


  • GOVERNANCE: Oversees access control for contract modifications.


  • enforce-init: Ensures proper initiation of tokens using a ledger guard. This sets the stage for minting by storing the mint guard associated with the token.
  • enforce-mint: Regulates the minting process, maintaining a fixed supply of 1 for each token, thus preserving its non-fungible nature.