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Leveraging Arweave in Marmalade with Akord

Given the immutable characteristic of NFTs, the associated data's long-term accessibility and sustainability are critical aspects to consider. Akord has emerged as a powerful tool to handle these requirements, and its importance is underscored in the context of Marmalade,

Arweave is a pioneering protocol designed to modernise the internet's foundational structures, augmenting its capacity for storing, addressing, and accessing data. This technology is central to our approach to dealing with NFT data, ensuring its perpetual availability and integrity and thereby strengthening the overall dependability of the NFTs hosted on Marmalade.

What is the Akord app?

The Akord app is a data storage and collaboration product, leveraging the Arweave blockchain to store files, messages and all protocol transactions. Files and messages are organised into vaults with private data being end-to-end encrypted. With an Akord account, you own the keys that encrypt your data.

How is Akord different?

While there are other products that also provide data storage on Arweave, Akord has some key differentiating features.

  1. The easiest way to get going on the permaweb. Akord makes it simple, providing end-to-end encrypted vaults for your private data, as well as public vaults. Forget the hassle of setting up an Arweave wallet or acquiring AR tokens. With Akord, you create a wallet upon signup, and they jumpstart your journey with 250 MB of free storage.

  2. A secure space to collaborate with others and messaging with end-to-end encryption. Akord believes if you want to store something permanently it's because it has a social dimension - value for others. So they provide the tools to facilitate that process.

  3. A focus on user experience with a web3, decentralised vision. A vision that is shared with Kadena. Many Dapps suffer from poor user experience and performance issues. Akord started by focusing on the best UX possible and has carefully road mapped its pathway to becoming a fully decentralised app (Dapp).

Akords guide offers you an easy-to-follow example for storing your NFT data on Arweave aims to make this process as effortless as possible. These best practices, which cater to both extensive asset collections and individual NFTs, are crafted to ensure your data's resilience and longevity in the Arweave ecosystem.

Akord also offers a cli (akord-cli) and a javascript SDK (Akord-js)

Our guide with Akord recommendations is available here: Marmalade Arweave Guide