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Kadena Wallets

KDA custody tools for desktop and mobile, with support guides to get you started.

Software Wallets


Official Kadena wallet for advanced blockchain usage and smart contract development. The desktop edition has a signing API to interact with dApps on Kadena Chainweb.

Linx Wallet

Mobile wallet that aims to provide a "chainless" experience.

Koala Wallet

Your Passport to the Kadena Ecosystem. Koala Wallet makes it easier than ever to buy, send, receive, and safely store your Kadena.


User-friendly multi-network wallet for storing and trading (3rd party). Zelcore has a signing API to interact with dApps on Kadena Chainweb.


eckoWALLET is the first Kadena-native web-extension wallet, also available on iOS and Android. Allows seamless interaction with all the Dapps living on the Kadena network. Within eckoWallet you are able to send and receive assets, execute cross-chain transfers, view transactions, interact with dApps, and much more.

Hardware Wallets


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets, safeguarding your investments has never been more crucial. Designed with cutting-edge technology and fortified with multi-layered security features, the Ledger Hardwallet stands as a formidable fortress for your cryptocurrencies. With its sleek and compact design, this hardware wallet offers a seamless user experience, empowering you with complete control over your digital wealth while keeping it safe from online threats.