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Conventional auction contract

This page outlines the Conventional Auction Contract designed for blockchain-based auction systems. It provides a comprehensive guide to its features, components, and usage.


  • Auction Management: Set up and manage conventional auctions with start and end dates, and reserve prices.
  • Bid Handling: Facilitate the placement and management of bids.
  • Escrow Account Management: Secure handling of funds through escrow accounts.
  • Bid Refunding: Mechanism for refunding bids.
  • Auction Finalization: Rules for concluding the auction and determining the winning bid.

Technical specifications

The following sections provide reference information for writing a smart contract to conduct a conventional auction using Marmalade on the Kadena network.


You can define the following capabilities to manage permissions in conventional auctions:

  • GOVERNANCE: Defines governance for the contract and is controlled by the keyset defined under the ADMIN-KS constant.
  • AUCTION_CREATED: Specifies the event emitted when the create-auction function is executed. The emitted event includes the sale-id, token-id, and escrow fields.
  • MANAGE_AUCTION: Identifies a guard to control who can create and update an auction. You must specify the sale-id and token-id parameters when you use this capability in create-auction and update-auction functions.
  • BID_PLACED: Specifies the event emitted when a bid is place. The emitted event includes the bidder?, bid-amount, and timestamp fields.
  • PLACE_BID: Ensures that the bidder signs the transaction to place the bid.
  • REFUND_CAP: Protects funds held in escrow to ensure refunds can be made, if necessary.


  • auctions-schema: Describes auction information including token-id, start-date, end-date, highest-bid, highest-bid-id, and reserve-price.
  • bids-schema: Describes bid information including bidder, bidder-guard, and bid.


  • auctions: Stores auction information.
  • bids: Stores bid information.


  • escrow-account: Returns the auction's fungible escrow account name.
  • escrow-guard: Returns the account guard of the escrow account.
  • enforce-fungible-transfer: Requires that policy-manager.FUNGIBLE_TRANSFER_CALL capability is in scope.
  • enforce-quote-update: Enforces a quote update when required for sale contracts. This function is called by the policy-manager.enforce-buy function to validate that only the winning bidder processes the call, the escrow payment, and the marketplace fee.
  • enforce-withdrawal: Enforces a withdrawal when required for sale contracts. This function is called by the policy-manager.enforce-withdraw function to validate that the auction has expired, or that the bid has already been placed.
  • create-bid-id: Generates a unique bid identifier by hashing the sale-id, bidder, and block-time fields.
  • create-auction: Allows sellers to create a conventional auction for their token after providing auction information.
  • update-auction: Allows sellers to update auction information before the auction start time.
  • retrieve-auction: Retrieves auction information from the auctions table.
  • retrieve-bid: Retrieves bid information from the bids table.
  • place-bid: Transfers the bid amount in a fungible currency from the bidder account to an escrow account and records the bids in the blockchain.


  • ADMIN-KS: Sets the marmalade-sale.marmalade-contract-admin for the GOVERNANCE capability.