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Kadena Engineering Updates Feb 2019

A recap of recent features and upcoming milestones on our technical roadmap.



  • Namespaces: an important milestone to make upgrading contracts easier and more user-friendly.

  • Capabilities: a recently merged new feature, provides the building blocks for upcoming work that will allow programmable governance of Pact smart contracts.

  • Formal verification improvements: added support for lists and fully nested objects when writing property assertions.

In progress:

  • Coin contract and related infrastructure that will form the basis of the currency that accompanies Chainweb.

If you have Pact-related questions, ask them on Stack Overflow with the Pact-Lang tag.



  • Pact Test Net: Significantly improved module explorer that allows you to call contracts with the click of a button instead of writing code.

  • Support for formal verification in the Pact browser. For the first time ever, the power of formal verification is easily available to anyone interested in writing secure smart contracts.

In progress:

  • Chainweb Testnet: Early Q2 2019. (stay tuned for more updates!)



In progress:

  • ScalableBFT implementation on Microsoft Azure.