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Announcing Kadena Technical Grants
2 minutes read

Announcing Kadena Technical Grants

Kadena has launched Technical Grants, a structured model designed to reward blockchain developers for contributing their talent to the world’s fastest layer-1 PoW network.

Empowered Innovation

The goal of Technical Grants is to accelerate the growth of the Kadena ecosystem by funding software development that provides novel use cases and user-friendly tooling.

It takes a thriving and diverse community to deliver the pipeline of solutions necessary to realize the full potential of this emerging digital economy. We believe Kadena’s hybrid blockchain provides the best framework. If you share this vision, we encourage you to apply for grant funding.


Grant Opportunities

Kadena welcomes all high-quality, open-source applications. While we are receptive to many ideas for funding, priority is given to teams who pursue grants that fall within a defined focus area.

The Technical Grants are focused on funding software development in key categories:

  • DeFi

  • Blockchain interoperability

  • Developer tools

  • Analytics services

  • Wallet development

  • dApps / smart contracts

Visit our grants page for a current list of Prompted Grants.

Apply & Deliver

Kadena’s Technical Grant process is divided into 2 phases; Grant Application and Grant Delivery. Here is a high-level summary of the process:

Grant Application

  1. Determine focus area

  2. Submit application

  3. Review and decision

  4. Mutual agreement

Grant Delivery

  1. Milestone progress reporting

  2. Completion and reward distribution

Read the information at for a complete description of application guidelines and process details.

Get Rewarded in KDA

Kadena is pleased to invest in its community, where ideas are celebrated and results are rewarded. Connect with the team and community on Discord to ask questions, explore resources, and find collaborators.